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Adopt a Gifted Canine 

If you are interested in adopting one of our gifted, career changed canines, please fill out and submit a ‘Change of Career’ application form. 



It takes a very special skill set in order for a CCSDA puppy to complete his training and go on to serve his forever partner. Occasionally, we have puppies or young adult dogs that are available as pets. These dogs, typically between the ages of ten weeks and two and a half years old, are physically or temperamentally unsuitable for service work. Although some dogs may not qualify to perform service work, they often make wonderful, family pets. Some of the reasons a dog may not qualify for our programs are as follows:  sensitivity to noise/traffic, lack of confidence, uncomfortable in new surroundings, aggressive with other animals, orthopedic problems, allergies and eye irregularities.


Before we offer a dog to the public for placement, the dog may be offered to an alternative assistance dog program, police/fire rescue program or the puppy raiser. Although these dogs have been raised to be future service dogs, the training at the time of disqualification will vary. The majority of the dogs disqualified from our programs have not received formal service dog training.


All disqualified dogs over the age of six months are spayed and/or neutered. We require a tax deductible donation to defray expenses when you pick up the dog. The minimum donation for a disqualified dog is $500. In the event a dog becomes available with special needs, that dog may be offered without a donation request. Taking into consideration the dog’s temperament, medical history and extent of training, CCSDA reserves the right to set donation requirements for all of our change of career dogs.  Please contact Nicole Meadowcroft at, 844-888-8850 Ext 1.

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