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Buy Your Bucky Books TODAY!

Bucky Books are HERE!!!

Buy your Bucky Book from Custom Canines and help enhance a life!  Contact us today for your copy!
These books practically sell themselves, but since we have some new volunteers and client families,

here are the details:


Bucky Books (more info are coupon books (over 550 pages) saving over $20,000 in 2-for-1 offers, 50% off, and totally free coupons.  They are good for mostly southern WI, but there are some for the Dells area and national coupons for hotels, rental cars, etc., and if you or friends and family travel in this area, they will easily get their money back for the $35 cost of the book in as little as 2-3 coupons for restaurants alone.



There are also offers for pet stores & services, recreational activities, hotels, auto care, UW athletic events, movie coupons, tons of restaurants and golf courses, etc.  Bucky Books also has a mobile app which rolls out Oct 1, with an improved search feature this year, which contains bonus coupons now available in the paper book.



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