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Shannon Becker Con't 

Shannon started training her own Service Dog, Soldier in January of 2016. Soldier is an Olde English Bulldogge and father to Georgia, who is also being trained and is part of our CCSDA breeding line for future litters. You can follow their antics and some training fun on the Facebook page, Soldier the Service Dog.


Shannon is a service-connected disabled veteran herself, and understands the importance of support and resources to aid our veterans in their service to our country, but also in their own personal lives. Shannon lives in Loves Park, IL.  She works for Amazon as an IT Operations Analyst & Coordinator, and volunteers for CCSDA in her free time.  Shannon is married to Patrick Becker and step-mom to Isabel Becker. Shannon has seen the impact of a service dog personally.  Isabel is Autistic and has a golden retriever that was placed as a home companion through Custom Canines.  Pictured with Shannon is her Service Dog, Soldier.

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