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Meet our Ambassador Dogs!

The Custom Canines' ambassador dog program is essential to our educational and public speaking programs.  These wonderful dogs represent the breed types we train, temperament, characteristics and skill sets that a Custom Canine Service Dog must possess.  Our ambassadors work hard and train alongside our puppy heroes in the making..     

Meet our Custom Canines in training!  

Their journey towards a career of service begins at 8 weeks of age. Volunteer puppy trainers are the true heroes in the lives of our young charges who will grow and mature into super heroes for their disabled partners. Thank you to our puppy donors, trainers and supporters who make this life-enhancing experience a reality.

If your interested in becoming a Puppy Sponsor or Puppy Raiser, please contact us at 844-888-8850 / Fax: 1-844-888-8850 Email:  info@customcanines.org


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Email:  info@customcanines.org

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