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Heroes for Heroes

At Custom Canines, we know that US Military Veterans and First Responders with disabilities can, with the help of highly trained service dogs, function with confidence in their communities.

We raise and train these dogs and give them free of charge to our clients. Our small staff, hundreds of volunteers, and supporters just like you are dedicated to making that happen, yet the need grows each day for more service dogs. Our programs are personalized and proven effective, but our waiting list is now 5 years long.

These five people above are among the 300+ individuals we have helped since 2009. Please click on the links and read their stories.

As the Founder of Custom Canines, I meet face-to-face with people like them who ask for canine partners to help them in their lives, and I am often forced to tell them that we don’t have a dog available.

We need financial help to help our military and first responder heroes!

Please consider a donation today…every single dollar makes a difference.


Thank you,

Nicole Meadowcroft

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