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Leaving a Legacy

Leaving a gift in your estate to Custom Canines


This is called a bequest and it is a specific gift of assets or belongings to a particular person or organization that you leave through your Will.


Types of Legacies:


There are three ways in which you can make a bequest to Custom Canines Service Dog Academy: 


Every life is so precious and everyone deserves to feel empowered and experience unconditional love and independence. By leaving a gift in your Will to Custom Canines, you can leave a significant legacy that lives beyond your natural life.Your generous gift will significantly enhance the lives of military veterans and first responders who have various medically substantiated disabilities through the unconditional love and service of canine companions. 


  • As a gift of a specific amount of money – known as a pecuniary

  • As a gift of a specific item – known as a legacy

  • As a gift of the rest of your assets that you have not already given away – known as a residuary bequest.


​If you have already made a will and you wish to give a gift to Custom Canines Service Dog Academy, you could either prepare a new will or ask your solicitor to add a codicil (addition) in a similar way to the original will, which should be kept in the same place as the original will.


The easiest way to go about finalizing the above is to speak to your estate planning professional. If you’d like to discuss legacies in more detail with a Custom Canines’ representative, please call 844-888-8850 or e-mail


Custom Canines Service Dog Academy, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  EIN 26-3156085

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