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Host a Breeder 

Custom Canines relies on partnerships with many breeders, individuals and organizations that support us in our mission to create lasting unions between our service dogs and the lives they enhance.  Beyond our collaboration with some of the finest breeding facilities in the USA, Custom Canines has a select breeding program that produces service dogs that meet our high standards for health and longevity, breed type, correct character, intelligence and trainability.   We could not accomplish success without a set of very special partners with CCSDA – our breeder host families!  Breeder host families are volunteers who open their hearts and homes to our dogs during their reproductive years. 


Because of the significant value we place on our breeding stock, and the need for healthy litters to further our mission, our breeder host families are carefully screened.  Breeder hosts are selected based on the following criteria:


  • Commitment to our mission

  • Enthusiasm for learning about how we serve people with physical, mental and visual disabilities

  • Ability to provide a safe, secure and caring home environment

  • Willingness and ability to comply with our protocols and practices

  • Flexibility to accommodate breeding schedules and program needs

  • Ability to handle a large, reproductively active dog


For more information about becoming a Breeder Host for Custom Canines, please contact our Canine Development Team at or 844-888-8850 ext 2.

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