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Responsible Pet Ownership

Service dogs are professional working dogs. But before they receive their formal training, they are first and foremost good canine citizens. Custom Canines Service Dog Academy, Inc. advocates that all pet dogs should be good canine citizens as well.


Unfortunately, there is a dog bite epidemic in the United States. There are 4.7 million victims annually—about 2% of the entire population, resulting in about a thousand people every day needing emergency room treatment. Most of these victims are children.


These statistics are frightening, and point out that aggressive, loose dogs pose a threat to all of us. They can be especially dangerous to a select group of people: those who use guide or service dogs. Therefore, good training and socialization not only make for healthier and happier pets (and pet owners!), but is a simple way to support working dogs by keeping them safe from attack.


We’re asking you, as friends and supporters of Custom Canines, for your help. Please respond to our call to leadership by demonstrating responsible pet ownership. Our dogs and puppies thank you!


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