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Raise a Puppy 

Puppy Raisers Needed!

There’s nothing like puppy breath, puppy kisses and puppy love! Custom Canines is always looking for volunteers to welcome these little balls of energy into their homes. You will be responsible for loving, socializing and teaching basic obedience to your young charge according to CCSDA standards. Fear not, we will support you along the way, and we will celebrate with you each time your pup meets another milestone. 


Puppy Raising


Custom Canines acquires service dog puppies from our own small breeding program, from local, reputable breeders, and from partner organizations. We primarily use Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Standard Poodles, and German Shepherds. Puppy raisers and trainers receive their puppy at approximately 8 to 10 weeks of age and they keep them until they are between 18 to 24 months of age, depending on the program the puppy is trained for. Our puppies are raised to enhance the lives of military veterans and first responders with a variety of disabilities. These are normal puppies that will chew, bark, whine and cry; and, in most cases, they are not housebroken. 



Do you meet the criteria to become a puppy raiser/trainer? 


  • Puppy Raisers must be at least 14 years of age with parental involvement and support. The adult is the responsible party.

  • Puppy Raisers must have a car, or have immediate access to transportation, in order to transport the puppy in an emergency

  • Puppy Raisers must agree to house the puppy indoors

  • Puppy Raisers must agree to socialize, obedience train, and housebreak the puppy


If you are interested in becoming a puppy raiser, please contact us at: 

844-888-8850 ext. 2  or


Puppy Raiser Responsibilities


Your Service Dog Puppy will need lots of love and socialization. You are expected to housebreak your puppy and familiarize it with people, animals, traffic, noises and a variety of environmental experiences that are age appropriate. You will need to do basic obedience training and ensure that your puppy can ride comfortably in a car. 


Puppy’s Home Environment


Your puppy must be raised as an inside dog, spending time with family members and visitors. Puppies must sleep beside the bed of the primary puppy raiser in a crate or on a tie-down. Sleeping in the garage or on the patio is not acceptable. 


Puppy Raiser’s Financial Responsibilities


The cost of all veterinary care, food, toys, damages, and travel expenses are the puppy raiser’s responsibility.  As Custom Canines Service Dog Academy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, all expenses incurred in raising a Service Dog Puppy may be tax deductible. 


Interested in raising a puppy? Please contact our Canine Development Team at: 844-888-8850 ext. 2.

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