Our commitment to placing service dogs at no charge to individuals with disabilities means that we depend on community support to realize our important mission. You can help by sponsoring a puppy on his way to success.

There are several levels of sponsorship: 

Sponsor a Team Placement – $25000

Support a hero in training from inception to placement with a disabled individual for the working life of that team.

Name a hero! – $2500

Every hero needs a name! Name the puppy you sponsor. Sponsoring a puppy will support his/her journey through puppyhood and beyond. 


Sponsors will receive a birth certificate and photo of their sponsored canine and quarterly updates on their puppy’s training and progress.

Equipment Sponsorship – $500

Sponsor the cost of a working team’s special equipment, training vests, harnesses, collar and leash.

Protect a Hero – $250

Sponsors heart-worm and flea/tick medication for one puppy for one year.

Feed a Hero – $100

Provides super premium nutrition for 2 puppies for one month.

Puppy Starter Kit – $75

Outfits a puppy with a vest, toys, collar, leash, bowls, etc.

For more information on sponsorship opportunities, please contact us today!