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Orientation & Mobility

Orientation is the process of using one’s senses to establish and maintain your position and relationship to all other significant objects in your surroundings or environment. Mobility is the process of moving from one point to another – safely and efficiently. Orientation and mobility training helps develop knowledge, skills and strategies to safely navigate and move through environments such as busy street crossings, street and shop layouts, specific routes, etc. It also teaches you how to effectively communicate with confidence in case you need to ask for or decline assistance.

O & M training helps to enhance sensory abilities such as hearing, touch and where possible, any remaining residual vision. Training often involves the use of specific aids such as the long, white cane, support cane or the latest in electronic travel aids such as the UltraCane, GPS Trekker and GPS Trekker Breeze. Learning orientation and mobility skills before applying for a Custom Canines’ guide dog is vital. O & M training gives you the skills and confidence necessary to work and train with a guide dog partner.


If you have O & M skills and are interested in applying for a Custom Canine, please click here to download an application.


If you are blind or visually impaired and would like information on where to receive Orientation and Mobility training, please contact Nicole at 844-888-8850

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