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Message from our Founder

Thank you for visiting our website! We are a non-profit organization, powered by wonderful volunteers, and dedicated to raising, training, and giving service dogs to individuals with disabilities, free of charge. In so doing, we enable people to live fuller lives of courage and passion with their canine partners at their side.  

We have experience working with all types of disabilities from children with autism, people who use a wheelchair, and people who are visually impaired. Currently, our main focus is helping first responders and military veterans needing help with PTS, TBI and other related disabilities.

We welcome your involvement: as a client, a VOLUNTEER, a DONOR, or simply a person with an interest in what we do.

Help us enhance lives!


"Until George entered our life I never understood what a service dog could do for our family. My son has been diagnosed with Global Delays and Autism.

He has numerous fits, which include head butting and destructive behaviors.  George provides compression therapy which enables my son to calm down much faster.

Since we have been blessed with George these destructive behaviors have decreased by 80%."

"Words cannot express what you have given me. By guiding me and Burney through the process of training for my mobility issues, will give me much more confidence when I am out and away from my home.

Burney is a wonderful dog, teaching him these additional skills makes my life so much easier."

"My experience with Custom Canines Service Dog Academy, and our Autism Service Dog is each dog is trained especially for that child.

Early connection for child and dog is vitally important, because each child’s needs having Autism is so different. That is why there is a spectrum of children.

One major thing I experienced with not only my child of Autism but also with others who are now in the program is the fantastic connection."

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