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Wisconsin Statutes, 1990, Chapter 94, Sections 174.055 and 174.056


Wisconsin law guarantees a blind person the legal right to be accompanied by a specially trained dog guide in harness in all public accommodations. The dog guide user can be requested to submit for inspection the identification card provided by dog guide schools to their graduates. Public accommodations under Wisconsin law include hotels, inns, stores, restaurants, public conveyances on land and water, places of resort and recreation, and all other facilities and places to which the general public is invited. (Sect. 174.056) A blind person may be asked to present, for inspection, credentials issued by a school for training dogs for the blind. (Sect. 174.056) Dog guides will be exempt from any dog license tax. (174.055) Violation: Any person or owner, lessee, employee, or agent of a public accommodation who interferes with the above enumerated rights may be fined up to $100, or imprisoned for 30 days, or both. (Sect. 174.056)


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